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Equalizer Multi Tip 11/12# (Inc tip) 47 grams 725 grains 42ft 12.80m

Equalizer Multi Tip 11/12# (Inc tip) 47 grams 725 grains 42ft 12.80m
GAELFORCE 'Equalizer' EMT Multi Tip Shooting Heads with 4 x interchangeable tips in various densities have been specifically designed with versatility, perfect equalized balance, and efficiency in mind. These three key attributes built into the design and development of this range of Shooting Head Multi Tips will ensure the line will maintain shape throughout its entire length, preventing line sag, and most importantly be user friendly, adaptable to suit conditions by easily changing the 4 x 15ft looped  tips (4 x 10ft tips EMT 6/7# & 7/8#).

Some shooting head Casting techniques are considered to be very fine tuned. The Equalizer EMT range of Shooting head lines will help you to better realise your shooting head casting and fishing potential.allowing you to change quickly the depth you are fishing.

GAELFORCE 'Equalizer' EMT Multi Tip Shooting Heads incorporate specialised design features including –

  •  Ground breaking proprietary formula coating applied to a unique super supple line core, allows the line to float higher, shoot farther, containing a line slickening agent which migrates to the lines exterior ensuring long term slickness and giving enhanced durability.
  • Front and rear compact welded loop, a very neat and strong welded loop front and rear for easy changeovers, passes through the guides with minimum disturbance.
  • A colour coded  density compensated set of  4 x 15 feet Interchangeable tips(4 x 10ft tips EMT 6/7# & 7/8#) looped at both ends.
  • Highly advanced tapering system allows for perfect "Equalized" balance during flight, creating higher line speed, tighter loop formation and effective turnover, with or with the heaviest of flies
  •   4 X 15ft Tips, 4 X 10ft tips EMT 6/7# & 7/8#: Float, Intermediate, Sink3, & Sink6.

The authenticity of the designs for practical everyday use is guaranteed as all GAELFORCE products have been specifically tested in real world situations by experienced anglers.

"Place our experience in your Hands"

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  • Model: EMT1112
  • Weight: 0.20kg
  • Dimensions: 120.00cm x 140.00cm x 60.00cm
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