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G+ Equalizer Extreme Distance Graphene Fly Rods

G+ Equalizer Extreme Distance Graphene Fly Rods

The ultimate selection of GAELFORCE Equalizer Extreme Distance G+ ED Graphene Fly rods

G+ Equalizer Graphene 4-piece Extreme Distance Fly Rods

  • G+ logo on all G+ Equalizer Graphene rods
  • Aluminum rod tube in GAELFORCE Green with laser-engraved rod cap and a high-quality cloth bag with rod identification
  • Matte green finish with rich silver whippings
  • The finest components sourced from around the world
  • Fuji stripping guides with hard-chrome snake guides
  • Superior-grade ALPS Tri-Lock down-locking real seat
  • The finest AAAA Flor Grade slim cork handles
  • Alignment dots for easy and accurate rod assembly and security.

“In order to build the ultimate Distance Casting Rod, it is important to combine a successful design with cutting-edge carbon, resins, and emerging technologies. The GAELFORCE G+ Equalizer Graphene 4-piece rods blend the proven tapers of the original GAELFORCE Equalizer with the strongest and lightest material ever used in a fly rod.  
While testing the G+ Equalizer Graphene rods over a period of a year, it became very clear to me that graphene imparts a crispness of action and ample reserves of power to the blank structure. I particularly noticed the benefits of graphene when making longer casts.
When you cast any of the models in the new GAELFORCE G+ Equalizer Graphene series, I believe that you will immediately notice the reduced swing weight of the rod, significantly faster recovery and improved straight-line tracking. These are the finest double-handed rods that I have ever cast. I urge you to try one. I think you will agree that it is the finest double-handed rod that you have ever cast.”  - James Chalmers.
The GAELFORCE G+ Equalizer Graphene series features:

  • The benefits of graphene combined with the signature flex and feel of the original GAELFORCE Equalizer series
  • A strong tip combined with a deep progressive action and lightning-quick recovery
  • A crisp action with singular reserves of power
  • Improved straight-line tracking during the forward stroke
  • A noticeable reduction of “tip rebound”

Designed for the connoisseurs of fine fly rods with all the characteristics of true performance and efficiency.
The authenticity of the designs for practical everyday use is guaranteed as all GAELFORCE G+ products have been specifically tested in real world situations by experienced anglers

Gaelforce Equalizer G+ 16ft 10/11# 4pc /15ft 1 inch "Weapon" Combination 4pc. 7sections
New Coming soon!
The GEG+16151 Graphene G+ "Weapon"  ED Combination rod comprises of seven sections which give the rod five different 4pc configurations in both G+ 16ft 10/11# and G+ 15'1" "Weapon" ED format. The rod has two butt sections, two mid sections and three tips which allows for a wide variation o..
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