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Equalizer Extreme Distance 90ft 27.43m 95gr/1466grns Head

Equalizer Extreme Distance 90ft  27.43m 95gr/1466grns Head

Following the remarkable success of the World Record Breaking Equalizer EED80 extreme distance line, the most successful distance casting line of all time, I would like to introduce the all new Equalizer "Altitude" 90ft 27.43m 95grams/1466grns Extreme Distance line into the Gaelforce stable.

This new specialist one piece line has been specifically designed for use with powerful 15 to 16 foot rods, the new line profile and unique supple coating excels in distance casting environments.

The "Altitude" 90 incorporates a new three metre longer finer front taper which enables you to adjust the weight and length variances for your particular needs without affecting the lines performance, speed and turnover at extreme distances.

The line can be custom cut from the front or the rear depending on the tolerances you require for the casting depth and situation you find yourself in,whilst not affecting performance balance or shape.

The line also lends itself to be fine tuned to rods capable of casting long belly lines in extreme distance fishing situations.

Due to the technical complexities of producing a such a heavy smooth un blemished line, with large diameter body portions centralised within the core over a large length,tolerences are difficult to achieve consistently, therefore target weights for all these lines are + or - 20grains, (this does not affect the front taper part of the line in any way, largest diameter body only.)

"Place our experience in you hands"


The Milestones to achieve or better.

Breaking News 5th Sept 2021,World Record achievement in Hemsedal Norway.
18ft. World Record: Geir Hansen cast 77m right single Spey with the Equalizer EED85 Altitude line.

Geir Hansen August 18th 2018 at the World Championships cast 76m A new World Record.

GAELFORCE 'Equalizer' Extreme Distance Head EED 90ft- "Altitude"The GAELFORCE Equalizer Extreme distance head is the most successful distance casting line in the history of competition Spey-casting.The GAELFORCE Equalizer Extreme distance head holds the current world record distance in every Spey-ca..
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