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Gaelforce Equalizer G+ 16ft 10/11# 4pc /15ft 1 inch "Weapon" Combination 4pc. 7sections

Gaelforce Equalizer G+ 16ft 10/11# 4pc /15ft 1 inch "Weapon" Combination 4pc. 7sections

The GEG+16151 Graphene G+ "Weapon"  ED Combination rod comprises of seven sections which give the rod five different 4pc configurations in both G+ 16ft 10/11# and G+ 15'1" "Weapon" ED format.

The rod has two butt sections, two mid sections and three tips which allows for a wide variation of combinations and rod actions.

Format 1. 16ft G+ 10/11# Standard

Designed with versatility in mind, the ultimate in user friendly Salmon rods the GAELFORCE Equalizer G+ ED Graphene16ft 10/11# is a superb rod with all the qualities associated with the finest new graphene materials incorporated into the blank design, the rod is strong, light in hand,very well balanced and has a deep flex into the butt section with the ability to recover very quickly enabling consistent efficient casting.The strong tip and the deep progressive action, makes this a fantastic fishing and casting rod.The strong tip lifts the line easily from the water without side deflection, and the deep progressive action makes casting and playing fish a real pleasure.The specific blank design characteristics of this modern all purpose rod do not place any restrictions on which type of line it is suited to, the GAELFORCE Equalizer G+ ED 16ft 10/11# is equally capable of casting suitably matched floating or sinking Spey lines, Shooting heads and Skagit lines incorporating today's modern casting techniques as well as the more traditional styles

Format 2 . 16ft G+ butt section + 20% stronger tip section

The rod transforms to a very powerful Extreme Distance G+ ED rod capable of casting long lines "Fine & Far Off"

Format 3.  16ft G+ butt section - 11inch shorter tip section total length 15'1"

This format transforms the rod into a fantastic overhead Extreme Distance G+ ED rod with serious power

Format 4.  15'1" "Weapon" G+ ED butt section standard tip section  total length 15'1"

This combination is a fantastic Extreme Distance set up, perfect for long snake rolls and all other related Speycasts in the Extreme Distance and Competition Disciplines.

Format 5. 15'1" "Weapon" G+ ED butt section + 20% stronger tip section total length 15'1"

This configuration gives a rod with serious reserves of power and lightning fast recovery cable of all Competition disciplines.

A fantastic seven section combination rod which combines multiple functions, from a 16ft big river powerful fishing rod to a versatile Competition multi discipline rod.

Designed for the connoisseurs of fine fly rods with all the characteristics of true performance and efficiency.

The authenticity of the designs for practical everyday use is guaranteed as all GAELFORCE G+ ED products have been specifically tested in real world situations by experienced anglers.

“Place our experience in your Hands”

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