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Gaelforce Destination 15ft 1in 10/11# 6pc

Gaelforce Destination 15ft 1in 10/11# 6pc

GAELFORCE Destination 15-foot 1-inch #10/11 6-piece

An elegant combination of length and line weight and perhaps the quintessential salmon rod, the GAELFORCE Destination 15-foot 1-inch for #10/11 belongs in the arsenal of every serious salmon fisher. A likely candidate for a “do-it-all” salmon rod, the GAELFORCE Destination 15-foot 1-inch for #10/11 is designed for outsized salmon and the largest rivers when bringing a knife to a gun fight is not an option. The rod tube measures a tidy 34.6 inches (88 centimeters) for maximum portability to exotic destinations for salmon, sea-trout and steelhead fishing.

Used in concert with modern shooting heads and thin shooting line, the GAELFORCE Destination 15-foot 1-inch for #10/11 is capable of tremendous distances in the right hands. For those who prefer traditional lines, the GAELFORCE Equalizer Spey 63 and Equalizer Spey 73 achieve the requisite distances with the supreme balance that is the hallmark of the Equalizer series of lines. An ideal choice for the Gaula, Orkla, Lakselva and Alta in Norway or Russia’s Kharlovka and Yokanga, the GAELFORCE Destination 15-foot 1-inch for #10/11 is equally proficient on rivers closer to home such as the Tay and Ness when sinking lines and weighted tube flies are the prescribed ordnance. 

Utilizing the finest new graphite materials in the construction of the blank, the GAELFORCE Destination 15-foot 1-inch for #10/11 allows the angler to fish “fine and far off” with ultimate precision. The strong tip and the deep progressive action—the signature flex of the Destination series—eliminate side deflection of the tip when lifting line from the water and provide maximum feedback when making a change of direction with a single spey or a snake roll.

The GAELFORCE Destination 15-foot 1-inch for #10/11 features:

-the finest components sourced from around the world

-a matte green finish for maximum stealth with rich silver whippings

-Fuji stripping guides with hard chrome snake guides

-the finest AAAA-grade slim cork handles

-a superior-grade Alps Tri-Lock down-locking reel seat

-alignment dots for easy and accurate assembly and security

-a quality cloth bag and Cordura rod tube

Designed for the connoisseurs of fine fly rods with all the characteristics of true performance and efficiency.

The authenticity of the designs for practical everyday use is guaranteed. All GAELFORCE products have been thoroughly tested in real world situations by experienced anglers.

“Place our experience in your Hands"

Suitable Lines for GAELFORCE Destination 15ft 1inch #10/11 6pc

Spey Lines

ES83 10/11#

ES73 10/11#

ES63 10/11#

ES54 10/11# or 11/12#

Shooting Heads

EES 15M 11#

EEMT 10/11# Extended Multi Tip

EMT 10/11# or 11/12# Multi Tip

EIH or ESH 11# or 12#

ESP 650#

Fly Rods
Model GD1511011
Line# #10/11
Sections 6
Weight 323g/11.4oz
Action/Recovery/Tip progressive/fast/strong
Tube Length 88cm

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